Welcome to the Seagate Xmas Bingo!
Together with Voedselbank Haarlemmermeer, the AMS Social Committee brings you a virtual Bingo party on Friday, December 17th. Our Bingo Master Liz will start the Bingo Machine from her very own home at 15:30 and you will all be able to join with the link provided. There will be two Bingo rounds, and everyone gets one Bingo card for each round to play for free.

Do you want to maximize your luck? You can! By making a donation in the donation form of at least EURO 5 to Voedselbank Haarlemmermeer, you will get one more Bingo card, for each round and you will double your opportunity to win one of our fantastic prizes, hand-picked by Liz!

Please note!

    • Please make sure to enter your Seagate email address in the box below.
    • By participating, you give your permission to Voedselbank Haarlemmermeer to share your email address with the Seagate AMS Social Team, so we know who to send the extra Bingo cards.
    • If you leave the email address box empty, you can still make a donation, but you will not receive any extra cards.
    • Any donations made after December 15th will not be rewarded with extra cards.
    • Regardless of your donation, you still need to register separately to get your free cards. Link will be provided by the AMS Social Committee.


What does Voedselbank (Foodbank) Haarlemmermeer do?

Food Bank Haarlemmermeer is committed to people who, for whatever reason, are temporarily unable to provide for their own needs. We do this by providing free food packages to families that meet our criteria after thorough financial screening.

We get all the food donated by third parties. Food Bank Haarlemmermeer is a member of the Association of Dutch Food Banks.

Transparency is a top priority at Food Bank Haarlemmermeer. Through this website we would like to inform you as a visitor openly and honestly. We invite you to calmly surf through this website.

If you have any questions and/or comments after surfing, do not hesitate to contact us. Our volunteers are ready to help you.

Donatie Formulier Voedselbank Haarlemmermeer